Staff Directory

Working at McDantim is like working with your family only you don't see each other much at night. The staff has grown from one (we're pretty sure that was Dan) to 22 employees. Part of what's fun about working at McDantim is that we're all working toward the same goals; excellent customer service, high quality products, and affordable prices. The other part of working at McDantim that's fun is, frankly, working with beer day in and day out. Scroll down to learn a little about some of our McDantim employees.

Dan Fallon, CEO

Dan is the CEO of McDantim and has been running the business since 1991. Aside from new product development Dan is devoted to educating as many people as possible about the advantages of a mixed gas system. Dan enjoys teaching special classes and assisting customer's one-on-one.

Lenette Egan, CFO / VP-Marketing

Lenette is McDantim’s Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Marketing.  She has been with us for almost 18 years.  She is the Membership Chairperson of IBDEA and received the 2010 Vivian Roviaro Award.  Lenette is the proud mother of two young men and loves being a gramma!  Someday, she’d like to retire and visit all 50 states.

Justin Trafton, COO / President

Justin has been with McDantim for almost 20 years and is our Chief Operating Officer and President.  He is a member of Vistage.  He was fortunate enough to meet his hero, the tap dancer, Jimmy Slyde.  Justin hopes to one day be able to converse fluently in another language.

Carie Kirk, Sales Director

Carie is McDantim’s Sales Director and has been here for 11 years.  She is a mother of two crazy kids and partner to an adventurous man.  She admires people who overcome obstacles.  For example, she is a want-to-be horticulturist who dreams of growing a successful garden someday.

Stephen “Steve” Herren, Production Supervisor

Steve has been with McDantim for over 11 years and is our Production Supervisor.  He loves the outdoors, hoping to one-day deep sea fish off of the Florida coast.  Along with his wife and children, Steve enjoys camping, fishing, boating, 4x4’s, and snowmobiling.