McDantim Legacy Video

Just released McDantim's Legacy Video.  Click to watch.

McDantim Legacy Video

Available Now on iOS and Android!!!

NOW AVAILABLE  for iOS and Android phones!

McDantim’s gas blend calculators will help you find the correct blend or pressure for your draught beverage system.Conditions that are included in the calculations are:

  • Beverage temperature in the keg
  • Keg pressure required
  • CO2 content of the beverage
  • Elevation above sea level
  • Gas blend (% CO2) of existing Blender

Out of Warranty Repair Program

When Good Blenders Go Bad... The Out of Warranty Repair Program!

McDantim, Inc.
takes pride in manufacturing a reliable, accurate Blender that lasts for years beyond our warranty. All Beverage Line Models (TM-1, TM-1HF, TM-2 and TM-2HF) come with a Five Year Limited Warranty which covers out of specification gas blends and leaks. (Blenders filled with contaminates are not covered under our warranty.)

Here’s the long awaited Out of Warranty Repair Program. These prices are not based on our distributor level pricing and are the same to end-users. Note: McDantim does its best at confirming ownership of the Blender before performing repairs.

Regulator assemblies are still available for purchase for both the old black plastic and white powder coated panels.

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Have Gas Leaks? Know the Cost?

Save Gas and Save $$$.

New Product Designed for Breweries.

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you don't have leaks.

Calculators for Draught Beer

McDantim now offers four (4) calculators to help determine what CO2/N2 blend is right to dispense your beer.

TM2B150 & TM2B300

(double outlet @ 150 scfh per outlet)

(double outlet @ 300 scfh per outlet)

TM300 & TM900

(2 part blend @ 300 scfh)


(2 part blend @ 900 scfh)

Other Trumix® Blender Panels for Industrial Uses

  • TMA950-2 (2 part blend @ 950 scfh)
  • TMAOX950-2 (2 part blend w/ O2 or H2 @ 950 scfh)
  • TMA950-3 (3 part blend @ 950 scfh)
  • TMAOX950-3 (3 part blend w/ O2 or H2 @ 950 scfh)
  • TMA2000-2 (2 part blend @ 2000 scfh)
  • TMAOX2000-2 (2 part blend w/ O2 or H2 @ 2000 scfh)
  • TMA2000-3 (3 part blend @ 2000 scfh)
  • TMAOX2000-3 (3 part blend w/ O2 or H2 @ 2000 scfh)
  • TMA4000-2 (2 part blend @ 4000 scfh)
  • TMAOX4000-2 (2 part blend w/ O2 or H2 @ 4000 scfh)
  • TMA4000-3 (3 part blend @ 4000 scfh)
  • TMAOX4000-3 (3 part blend w/ O2 or H2 @ 4000 scfh)

Bypass Leak Indicator

Bypass Leak Indicator

With Hundreds of Places to Leak...
How Can You Be Sure?

Leaks can occur 24 hours a day / seven days a week. That means a small leak of one-half cubic foot an hour wastes more gas each day than you would use to dispense two kegs of beer. The McDantim Bypass Leak Indicator shows you in seconds if you have a leak, gauge how big that leak is and know when it’s fixed.


Trumix® Triple

Trumix® Triple

Let me introduce you to the Trumix® Triple!  Driven by the more sophisticated needs of the beverage market and the Brewers Association’s new guidelines for gas on draught beer, we now offer a Trumix® Blender panel that will deliver CO2 and N2 in three blends.