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Beverage Blender Name Change

With the release of the Trumix® Triple panel, we realized that our Beverage Gas panel names would overlap our Industrial Gas panel names.  Note: We already have a Trumix® 300 in our Industrial line that delivers 300 scfh.  Industrial panels reference the flow rate (in scfh) in the panel name. We decided the best thing to do is to change the Trumix® 100 to a Trumix® Single and the Trumix® 200 to a Trumix® Double.  Of course, the High Flow models would follow suit.  Over time, you will see the name change reflected on the panel labels.

Website & Social Media

We hope you find our website to be user friendly and informative and look forward to all suggestions, comments and endorsements you have! It is still a work in progress. We will be posting more information about our Trumix® Industrial Blender Line as time goes by.

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Industrial Line Improvement

Starting with the 2011 New Year, all Industrial Gas models will be in stainless steel panels.  Our experience has shown us that both the welding and food packaging environments are very hard on the powder-coated metal panels.  These environments do not affect the Industrial Gas models that are currently in stainless steel panels.  This change affects the following McDantim part numbers:  TM300, TM900, TM2B150 and TM2B300.  We are extending the quality of a stainless steel panel at no extra cost to you.