Q - There's no gas coming out of my blender, what is the problem?

A - Check the supply of both gases. The Trumix® Gas Blender is designed to shut down if either the CO2 or the nitrogen run out. Running just CO2 or just nitrogen through the blender will ruin the beer.

Q - I think I have the wrong blend. How do I change it?

A - If your beer is pouring flat or foamy it's likely that your blend is wrong. Many of our national distributors sell a preset blender of 60% CO2 which generally works well for Ale and Lagers. This, however, is not the right blend for some applications. For example, if you are a brew pub pouring from a serving vessel you are probably limited to 15 psi to push the beer. In that case you probably need 80-85% CO2 rather than 60%.

There are two ways to determine the correct blend for your system.

  1. Use our Blend Calculator.
  2. Contact us and we'll help you calculate your blend.

Please contact our Sales Department toll-free at 888.735.5607 to discuss your options.

Q - How do I get a McDantim Trumix® Blender?

A - Jump to our Distributor's Page and find a representative near you or contact us.

Q - Can I use compressed air instead of nitrogen.

A - McDantim does not recommend using air in your draught beer systems because the quality of the flavor of the beer is greatly compromised. Even perfectly filtered air will ruin beer because of it's oxygen content. It's been our experience that the cost of nitrogen vs. compressed air is comparable so why risk contaminating your beer supply with air.

Q - Why is mixed gas important?

A - Visit our page Beer Gas 101.

Q - Why use a McDantim Gas Blender?

A - Visit our page Blender 101.

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