My beer is flat or foamy!

There are three elements that affect the quality of your beer; gas content, pressure and temperature.  If you are experiencing flat or foamy beer then one or more of these elements needs adjustment.  A McDantim Trumix® Blender can regulate the pressure and gas content within +/-2% of your ideal settings.

There is nothing coming out of my Trumix® Blender!

Almost everyone who calls our office with this problem has run out of gas in either the CO2 or N2 tank.  The blender is designed to stop running if either tank is empty.  This feature insures that your beer stays in the keg until it can be pushed through to the faucets just the way you want it to.

I am getting all CO2 or I am getting all N2!

Check both the CO2 and N2 lines and read the paragraph in the above problem.

I think I have the wrong blend!

We offer blend changes! If your needs change and a different blend is required, ask about our blend change policy.

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