MV035 – In-Line Leak Indicator

In-Line Leak Indicator

Think you are using too much gas or your nitrogen generator is working to hard? Install the In-Line Leak Indicator as part of your draft beer system and you can easily determine the size of your gas leak. Know when the leak requires immediate attention or is hazardous to your employees.

NOTE: MV039 not pictured.

With Hundreds of Places to Leak ...
How Can You Be Sure?

Leaks can occur in many places. How do you know when you’ve found them all?

Leaks can occur 24 hours a day / seven days a week. A small leak of one-half cubic foot an hour wastes more gas each day than you would use to dispense two kegs of beer. With McDantim’s In-Line Leak Indicator (MV035), you can see in seconds if you have a leak and gauge how big that leak is.

A study by a major gas company concluded that approximately 20% of gas usage in bars and pubs was due to leaks in the gas system. Every experienced service person can tell you stories of the beer system that was leak-free on Monday but had one or more bad leaks on Tuesday after someone changed a keg or serviced some part of the system. McDantim, Inc’s President, Dan Fallon, once drove 120 miles to an account that he knew had leaks because while selling 50 kegs a month they were burning out two compressors a year on their nitrogen generator. When Dan arrived, the gas supplier proudly explained how he had soaped down every possible leak source and could pronounce the gas supply leak free. Twenty minutes later, they discovered two very large leaks. They were able to find the leaks because the In-Line Leak Indicator told them without question the system had leaks.

The McDantim In-Line Leak Indicator can tell you in seconds if you have leaks in your beer system and how big those leaks are no matter what gas source you use or how complicated your system is. One quick glance every morning before you pour your first beer or at night after pouring your last beer assures you that you have no problem or that you need to call a service person. As you repair leaks, it serves as your scorecard, letting you know how much of the problem is resolved and if all leaks are fixed.

Our In-Line Leak Indicators are especially valuable in systems with Nitrogen generators. Leaks in these systems not only waste gas and electricity, but also kill off compressors. Rebuilding or replacing compressors is expensive and troublesome.

The In-Line leak Indicator is simple and easy to install and can go before or after the blender to locate different types of leaks.

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