Trumix® 950 scfh Single Blend

Trumix® 950 scfh Single Blend

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Trumix® 950 scfh Single Blend


While we have offered our industrial Trumix® panels with the option to purchase a filter, our engineering team has taken the time to design a new industrial panel upgrade. These new units include inlet regulators and filters with the aim to prevent over-pressurization and contamination issues that we've seen with industrial RMA repairs. Contamination and over-pressurization can cause irreparable damage the internal components and panel. With this new industrial product line, we have also added a 2-year warranty on these panels to give you and your end user the peace of mind for protecting your investment while maintaining our promised quality and precision.

We can create customized panels with other specialty gases, depending on your specific needs. 



  • Available gases: CO2, Ar, N2, He, O2, & H2 (increased cost for O2 & H2)
  • Blends are preset at time of manufacturing to ensure blend accuracy, unable to field adjust.
  • Available with 100% Argon Outlet - call for information & quote.
  • No electrical set-up required
  • Pre-fitted with piloted regulators and coalescing filters
  • Easily plumbed with our Blend Select manifold to add ease of use for blend selection at welding stations
  • Panels can be subject to a specialty gas charge and/or hazardous gas charge.



  • Size: 22.5” wide x 24" high x 9.28" deep (29.7” wide with installed filters and outlet valves)
  • Connections: 2 inlet gas lines, mixed gas outlet line(s).
  • Fittings: Panel comes with standard 1/2" female NPT fittings.
  • Accuracy and Flow Range: Our calibration procedures are designed to guarantee a blend tolerance of +/- 10% of the minor component not to exceed 2% full scale. Please refer to our Industrial Flow Charts for Flow Range.
  • Standard Flow Capacity: 2-950 scfh
  • Inlet Pressures: Blender tuned in house with minimum required inlet pressure which can be customized. Standard pressure is 150 psi ± 5 psi. Supplied gases must be at or above the minimum inlet required.