Green Philosophy

Green Efforts Philosopy

Here at McDantim Inc., we are striving to reduce the amount of waste over all aspects of our business.

  • Our staff has attended LEAN training, giving us the opportunity to reduce the amount of paper waste in our daily tasks. This training also gives us the opportunity to review our in-house processes and trim them to reduce unnecessary labor and product cost.
  • Our staff has reduced the amount of paper used by creating electronic tracking for all blender data
  • Our new building has LEDs throughout, conserving a large amount of energy in comparison with using incandescent bulbs.
  • We recycle any and all possible paper, plastics, and metal, including scrap from our panels.
  • We are moving from one-use batteries to rechargeable batteries where applicable.
  • We utilize carbon neural efforts with UPS for all our outgoing shipments.
  • We reuse shipping containers for our vendors to reduce shipping materials used.
  • We print all our labeling On-Demand, creating less product waste.
  • We invoice electronically when applicable: if your company would like to be set up for electronic invoices, please contact
  • We issue payments through EFT when applicable: if your company would like to be paid through EFT, please contact

As we move forward with our business, we review our procedures and process with the aim to reduce product and time waste.