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Important Notice

To us, Dan Fallon has always been the paragon of kindness, acceptance, and sharing. McDantim employees have always been cared for because of Dan’s ideals and ethics. Whenever we have customers call, we always try to think of how Dan would handle the conversation and can recall, on so many occasions, the lengths to which he would go to make sure that their problems were solved. But he didn’t just do that with customers; he would visit our employees during the workday to check in, ask questions, and offer support. We knew that his door was always open, and that he genuinely cared for each of us. He made McDantim into the community it is today, and we can never adequately thank him for his generosity and support.

Dan assumed the leadership role McDantim at after his father passed, diving in with both feet and becoming a well-respected pillar of the beverage industry. During his time with us, Dan worked relentlessly to make sure that our company provided the best possible products and education.

We will miss him perpetually; whether it’s over the groan-worthy dad jokes he opened every company meeting with, his peanut butter and waffle sandwiches for a mid-morning snack, or just his deep, loud belly laugh that would ring throughout our building.

On October 4th, we all met in the reception area and heard the news about Dan’s passing. Over the last week, we’ve all been processing how to move forward and continue Dan’s legacy with the same heartfelt passion and dedication for customer service and employee care. As we navigate this sorrow-filled time, Dan’s views and vision for this company will always be the core of what we do and why we do it.

A celebration of Dan’s life will occur on June 10th at 11 am in Helena. For more details, please email

Thank you, Dan, for everything.

Xx, McDantim Crew