McDantim History

  • 1988 - McDantim Inc. is established, following the sale of Draft Systems to Micro Matic to promote the sale of the Gas Blender and another product (which never succeeded) for beer dispense
  • 1989 - McDantim Inc. began working with Calor in the UK who were creating a N2 generator and needed a blender to make it viable
  • 1990 - McDantim Inc. began development of a Flow Control Valve (FCV) to improve the performance of N2 generators
  • 1990 - McDantim Inc.'s sister company, Beverage Systems Limited (BSL) is established to supply blenders, FCVs, and related equipment to Calor in the UK
  • 1991 - BSL, with McDantim Inc.'s assistance, sells 5,000 blenders and 2,500 FCVs to Calor
  • 1991 - November 13, Mert Fallon passes away and the heirs, Michele, Dan, and Tim continue McDantim Inc. and BSL. Dan runs the companies, and McDantim Inc. staff includes Dan, and 3 other employees
  • 1992 - McDantim Inc. moves to Bend, OR
  • 1995 - McDantim Inc. moves to Last Chance Gulch in Helena, MT, and sells 16 gas blenders in the US
  • 1999 - McDantim Inc. sells 4 Industrial blenders
  • 2000 - McDantim Inc. moves to a larger facility on Euclid Ave, Helena, MT, selling 1,456 blenders
  • 2001 - McDantim Inc. develops custom panels for Micro Matic.
  • 2003 - McDantim Inc. purchases larger facility on Montana Ave, Helena, MT, selling 3,282 blenders, and staff increases to 10
  • 2010 - McDantim Inc. develops custom panels for NuCO2, selling 3,583 blenders
  • 2016 - McDantim Inc. builds a new facility at 750 Shephard Way, Helena, MT, selling 8,440 blenders
  • 2016 - Justin Trafton takes on role of President, Lenette Egan takes on role of CFO
  • 2018 - McDantim Inc. becomes an ESOP employee-owned company

Our Facility

Visit our facility located in Helena, Montana. We build each of our blenders individually to the specifications of your order. Parts, service, research and development, assembly, tuning, shipping and receiving are all right here, under one roof.

Next time you're in Montana stop by, we'd love to give you a tour.

McDantim, Inc.
750 Shephard Way
Helena, MT 59601
Phone 888-735-5607 or 406-442-5153