BSL Gas Technologies

BSL Gas Technologies & McDantim Inc.

BSL Gas Technologies and McDantim, Inc. have been under common ownership and have been cooperatively designing and manufacturing gas mixers and related equipment together since 1990.


This synergistic collaboration has resulted in many unique and innovative products for the beverage, food, and welding related industries, expanding into heat treatment, fiber optics, and laboratory uses, that have improved the ways these industries operate. Some of these products have become industry standards and many are custom short-run specialized devices, solving a specific need for one customer. The collective knowledge and experience of our team of engineers and other staff provide an opportunity to identify and resolve challenges that might otherwise go unresolved.


The fact that our two companies are based on two continents give us a wider range of resources and challenges. As our companies are now employee-owned, this gives a greater incentive for innovation and creativity, and together we can find solutions within our range of industries that few companies, large or small, can match. 

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