Hose & Tube Cutter

Hose & Tube Cutter

Hose & Tube Cutter


Better than a utility knife or razor... safer, too.

Saves time cutting tubes and hoses.

Special V-Block ensures a straight, clean cut every time.

Will withstand autoclaving.

Multiple cutting heads on the same blade... two for the price of one.


Blue/Silver color option only.

Easily cuts through 1/4" to over 1.06" OD on the following materials:

  • Rubber, plastic, polyethylene, polyester
  • Reinforced braided fiberglass, synthetic fiber
  • PVC, thermoplastic rubber tubing, nylon
  • Polyurethane jackets, coaxial cable,
  • Convolute tubing/loom
  • Kevlar-lined hose