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Back-up & Supply: You’re Out of Your Element, Donny

What are the first questions we ask when we get a troubleshooting call when they are unable to pour beer? Everyone together now: Do you have gas? Is it on? Because of the amount of gas used for draught beverage dispense for a busy restaurant with a blender, we recommend back-up cylinders so you can always pour beer on a Friday night.

Back when I was the first to answer phones, I was feeling confident in my abilities to help customers with tech calls. Well, as is standard protocol, when I’m comfortable in my abilities, I get a doozy of a call.

The customer was unable to pour beer, and it was 4:45 pm on a Friday. The gas company just filled the bulk tanks and resupplied the back-up cylinders which she verified using the gauges on the cylinders and tanks. By all rights, there shouldn’t have been an issue. The ball valves on the blender and the secondary regulators were open. The cooler was at the right temperature, even though that wasn’t a factor in this case, it’s good to rule out. And I was officially out of my element.

When that happens, I plead to Taylor, Dan, or Justin to come to my aid. Justin readily came to my desk and took the helm while I listened on to see if I missed anything. Fifteen minutes later, and we still have no resolution. Justin finally asked her to take a photo of her gas system and tubing. The photo came in, and Justin immediately knew the answer but left it up to my eyeballs determination (they didn’t.)

Upon closer examination, the main gas supply and back-up gas supply were reversed, so the main gas supply was actually set up to act as the back-up gas. There was a valve to switch between the two. Since the solution was changing the valve position, our restaurant manager was able to get the gas flowing and pour beer quickly.

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