Bypass Leak Indicator

Bypass Leak Indicator

With Hundreds of Places to Leak...
How Can You Be Sure?

Leaks can occur 24 hours a day / seven days a week. That means a small leak of one-half cubic foot an hour wastes more gas each day than you would use to dispense two kegs of beer. The McDantim Bypass Leak Indicator shows you in seconds if you have a leak, gauge how big that leak is and know when it’s fixed.


CO2 leaks can occur at any fitting, the gas source, serving tanks, bottling and keg washing systems and so many more places. How do you know when you’ve found them all?

The McDantim Bypass Leak Indicator can tell you in seconds if your microbrewery has leaks and how big they are. One glance before you start using gas tells you whether you have a leak or not. As you repair leaks, it serves as your scorecard, letting you know how much of the problem is resolved and if all leaks are fixed.

The Bypass Leak Indicator is simple and easy to install (and can be used with a McDantim Trumix® Blender) to locate different types of leaks.

At 100+ psig inlet the ball will float at 2.8 scfh and max out at 12.7 scfh. Based on a CO2 value of $0.30 per pound, even the smallest leak detected by the Bypass Leak Indicator can cost over $800 per year. (Note: For systems where maximum usage is a flow rate up to 600 scfh or 70 lbs. CO2 per hour.)


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