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Nobody does it better than McDantim

At McDantim, we do more than make and sell gas blenders. We help people like you improve their business operations through technology that increases efficiency and reduces costs. More importantly, we help improve outcomes by enhancing the quality of the products and service you deliver to your end-users.

We are problem-solvers, creating solutions and doing what we can to support and advance the industries we serve.

While most of our standard products fit all of our customers perfectly, if we don’t have exactly what you need, we’ll make it for you!


Beverage Distribution, restaurant and retail service – Beer, wine, soda, nitro coffee, kombucha.

  • Trumix® On-Site Mixed Gas Blenders – Maintain beverage carbonation and freshness to provide the perfect pour without any waste.
  • Secondary TruRegs® Regulators – Regulate pressure and balance CO2 and/or nitrogen ratios


Food Packaging – Trumix® Food Packaging gas blenders ensure the proper packaging atmosphere for maintaining freshness and extending shelf life.


Welding – Trumix® Welding Gas panels are the industry standard solution for blending gases on-site, eliminating the need for expensive and cumbersome premixed high-pressure cylinders. McDantim welding blenders are accurate, cost-effective, and require no electrical utilities. 

Calculators for Draft Beer Dispensing

Download the McDantim EasyBlend App

McDantim’s EasyBlend calculator will help you find the correct blend or pressure for your draught beverage system. Now available for iOS and Android.

Gas blenders adept at cross-industry applications

Superior quality products deliver custom blends with industry-leading accuracy

As a gas blender buyer, the primary feature you seek is gas blend accuracy, which most impacts your end product’s quality and efficacy. As a distributor, it impacts your ability to meet your customers’ needs.

We are always looking to improve the industry. Our competition isn’t other gas blending companies, it’s other technologies. Our products endure the test of time because we use only high-quality materials and an expert labor force. We stand by everything we produce because we know it’s made right. It’s our pursuit of excellence that has allowed us to be in business since 1988 and become an industry leader, but we don’t take our reputation lightly. We spend each day working to earn that reputation over and over again.

We’re a team you can trust

Exceptional service and technical expertise are our hallmarks

We’re an employee-owned company that is proud of our work hand-assembling custom products in the U.S. Our dedicated customer and technical support staff are adept at working on and solving problems across industries and providing responsive support.

Product quality and accuracy, our longevity in the industry and exceptional service and technical expertise are our core powers and together help you perform your job better. These qualities are what set us apart. When it comes to gas blending technology and manufacturing, nobody does it better than McDantim.