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We design and provide the gas blender products and expertise to improve businesses across industries.
our mission

We design gas blending products and provide expertise to improve businesses across industries worldwide, combining American-Made craftsmanship with value, ingenuity, and a steadfast commitment to quality.

McDantim was founded on the principle that foundationally solid engineering, coupled with elegant design equates to superior products. Elegant design, executed with high quality components and assembled with skilled craftsmanship results in enduring products. We like that our customers often “forget” about our blenders, treating them like a trusted utility. We take pride that even after 30 years and over 200,000 blenders, our founder Dan Fallon’s favorite advice to customers of “install it, trust it and forget it” is more accurate now than ever. Just like McDantim blenders.
About Us

Who We Are


We are Problem Solvers

We make time to field questions, find answers, and do what we can to support and advance the industries we serve. We’re not in the business of quick fixes or bandaids—we create solutions.

At McDantim, our lead times are measured in a few weeks, not months. We provide custom quotes within hours, not days or weeks.

Our products are built to order and shipped on time. It has always been that way, and will always be that way.


We are Committed to Quality

We’ve been in the business for so long and have continued to be an industry leader because we’re relentless in our drive toward excellence.

What sets us apart is that we don’t just have long-lasting, well-tested, and quality-made products; we foster high-caliber relationships. We know that quality work begins and ends with quality relationships. We understand that it’s not just companies we’re helping, it’s people.


We are Proud of Our Work

Because our business is employee-owned, we get to reap rewards for our passion and our hard work. We enjoy coming to work every day because we spend each hour helping each other, helping our customers, and helping their businesses as well as ours to grow. It’s important for us to know that we’re doing what we can to improve ourselves and also the businesses we serve by delivering a combination of exceptional service and product quality.

Since 1988

Our Origin and Growth

We have specialized in onsite gas blending since 1988 with over 200,000 Trumix® systems sold to date to businesses around the world. Our company and manufacturing facility is based in Helena, Montana with a sister company, BSL Gas Technologies Limited, based in Rochester, Kent, England.  Parts, service, research and development, assembly, tuning, shipping, and receiving are all under one roof in our Helena facility.

McDantim was established by Mert Fallon following the sale of his beer keg valve company, Draft Systems, to Micro Matic so he could promote the sale of the gas blender he developed for beer dispense. Mert was a dynamic person with great determination and vision and soon began working with Calor in the UK, which was creating an N2 generator and needed a blender to make it viable. By 1990, the company began developing a Flow Control Valve (FCV) to improve the performance of N2 generators and launched BSL to supply blenders, FCVs, and related equipment to Calor in the UK.

When Mert Fallon passed away in 1991, his son, Dan, took the reins of McDantim and BSL and furthered McDantim’s growth, selling close to 1500 gas blenders per year through 2000. BSL achieved ISO 9000 accreditation in 1999 and the subsequent award of 9001/2000 accreditation in 2002.

McDantim moved its location to Helena, Montana and flourished as the beverage industry grew. Over that timeframe, the company expanded the uses of the equipment to include industrial applications, like welding, leak-checking, food-packaging, and more.

The McDantim crew in our new building, summer 2017

We take pride in developing solutions that will benefit everyone, from our own business and employees to the communities we are in, our customers, and the communities our customers serve.

Our Vision

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By 2010, the company developed custom panels for NuCO2, selling over 3,500 gas blenders that year. Needing more space, the company moved in 2016 to the facility we are located in today, selling 8400+ blenders that year. We became an ESOP, an employee stock ownership plan company, by 2018.

Dan Fallon led the company’s growth by jumping in with both feet, becoming a well-respected pillar of the beverage industry, and building the company’s reputation for outstanding products and service. After overseeing the business for over 30 years, Dan passed away in 2022. The close-knit McDantim team continues his legacy today with the same heartfelt passion and dedication. Because, when it comes to gas blending technology and manufacturing, nobody does it better than McDantim.

Our Team


Dave Allard

Chief Executive Officer
Team Member Since 2021

Carie Kirk

Senior Vice President
Team Member Since 2004

Taylor Anderson

Development Engineer
Team Member Since 2011

Kayla Mann

Sales & Marketing Director
Team Member Since 2015

Steve Herren

Procurement Manager
Team Member Since 2005

Emily Shirley

Production Engineer
Team Member Since 2017

Mariah Vogl

Accounting and Benefits Administrator
Team Member Since 2016

Kimmy Dew

Sales Coordinator
Team Member Since 2018

Nate Brown-Welch

Industrial Lead Technician & Engineering Assistant
Team Member Since 2021