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Reputation for draught dispensing that’s a cut above

When customers buy our gas blenders and secondary regulators, they buy our brand, which is why we’ve worked hard to establish a stellar reputation in the beverage industry for delivering high-quality products that produce exceptional outcomes for customers’ end-users.

The first step to the perfect pour

Our draft dispensing solutions


Gas blenders guarantee customers get the ideal pour

Your beverage dispensing system must be not only easy to use but also work efficiently and cost-effectively with zero waste. More importantly, it must have the correct gas blend and pressure.

Our products make beverage dispensing better, easier, and more cost-effective, eliminating the common problems with traditional dispensing methods, such as 100% CO2 or beer pumps:

Trumix® Beverage Blenders

Ensure your beverage gas is exchanging at the appropriate rate to maintain proper product carbonation while reducing waste, no matter how busy the establishment. Our beverage blenders save money and time with reduced gas costs and product savings, allowing you to serve your customers with an exceptional pour every time.

Secondary TruRegs® Regulators

Maintain the applied pressure to the serving vessels and kegs preventing pressure drops that create issues while serving, reducing product waste at the faucet. Designed with ease of use in mind, these cartridge-based regulators utilize a manifold system so they can be changed easily with a spanner or faucet wrench, reducing the time spent removing full regulator banks from walls, replacing tubing, and reclamping fittings.

Calculators for Draft Beer Dispensing

Download the McDantim EasyBlend App

McDantim’s EasyBlend calculator will help you find the correct blend or pressure for your draught beverage system. Now available for iOS and Android.

Draught beverage dispensing solutions that serve all requirements

Gas blenders meet the needs of distributors, large facilities, and small businesses

For Distributors

Our gas blenders are an efficient, cost-saving solution for maintaining carbonation without producing excess foam. Our blenders may be a big change from what your customers are currently using, but the investment in them will pay off in the long run as they stand up to years of use and abuse. You can be confident our gas blenders will work the best for your customers, whether they be large facilities, concessions, or small businesses.

For Large Facilities (Stadiums, Arenas, Large Venues & More)

Save money on the cost of concessions by ensuring the beer is consistently well-poured without wasting time and material. Our blenders are available in different flow rates to achieve what your facility needs. 

For Restaurant, Bar, Brewery, and Retail Store Managers/Owners

Wasting beer equates to wasting money  ̶  a cost you can recoup over and over again with a McDantim gas blender. Our gas blenders allow you to improve the customer experience and have confidence your beverage service is running smoothly while you focus on other areas of your business. By improving the customer experience, you support word-of-mouth marketing as well as ensure repeat, loyal patrons.