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We take pride in manufacturing our reliable, accurate Trumix® beverage and industrial gas blenders, which last for years and years beyond the Limited Warranty period. Our beverage gas blenders have a Five-Year Limited Warranty, our small industrial gas blenders have a One-Year Limited Warranty, and our large industrial gas blenders with built-in filters and regulators have a Three-Year Limited Warranty. Our warranties cover out-of-specification gas blends and leaks; blender contamination is not covered.

We have products that have been going strong since our early years and many that have been in the field for over 20 years. For that reason, to provide continuous support for our products past their warranty, we offer our Out-of-Warranty Repair program. On the rare occasion that your gas blender develops an issue, you don’t need to buy a new one. You can send your blender back to us for a leak check, blend check or change, panel cleaning, or other repair work. If you have any questions at all about your McDantim products or need further support, you can always contact us at 888.735.5607 or [email protected].

Our Out-of-Warranty Repair Program

Download our brochure of the various tiers of our repair program and the replacement parts we offer. We extend the same pricing to end-users and distributors.

Questions? Contact our Sales Department by phone toll-free at 888.735.5607 or email at [email protected]