Accurate Mixed Gas for Any Application

Gas blenders that deliver the proper gas mixture for Your Desired Application

With our Trumix® onsite mixed gas blenders, we are advocating a tech-forward, innovative and industry-improving standard for welding excellence using CO₂, argon, nitrogen, helium, and oxygen.

Need mixed gas for heat treating, leak checking, laser or plasma cutting? McDantim has you covered with our industrial line of blenders. Can’t find what you need? Give us a call to discuss custom options.

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Our welding solutions

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Optimizing efficiency through Design

McDantim on-site gas blending equipment has the capability to reduce operating costs without sacrificing process quality or flexibility.  Additionally, reducing the use of premixed cylinders saves on changeover times and floor space as well as reducing the inherent safety risks of cylinder storage and handling. 

On-site mixing of bulk, mini-bulk or micro-bulk gases can lead to significant cost savings. Gas deliveries, inventory handling, and associated paperwork are also reduced.

McDantim blending panels have been in service for over 30 years, do not require electricity, and are built to perform flawlessly in any production environment.

Our blending equipment will meet or exceed AWS standards for blend tolerances at all times.

Gas blending technology for industrial use

Our products and accessories for the welding industry

Trumix® Onsite Mixed Gas Blenders

Built around experience gained through the building of over 200,000 gas blenders worldwide, McDantim Trumix blenders provide rock-solid reliability and reduced operating costs. For shops with one or 100+ welding stations, McDantim has the right gas blending solution for you. 


WeldChoice was designed and built as the perfect gas supply solution for today’s multi-function welders.  No more need to stop welding and change cylinders. With the simple flip of switch, the WeldChoice provides a nearly immediate supply of pure CO₂ or Ar, or any of three preset CO₂/Ar blends.

Blend Select Manifold

Save time and improve efficiency in your welding shop with McDantim Blend Select Manifolds (BSM). Allowing up to seven different welding gases to be plumbed to individual welding stations, the BSM offers the ease of switching gases without swapping cylinders. Increase production, enhance safety, and simplify plumbing on the shop floor by installing McDantim BSMs in your shop!