Beer Check



Inlet Gases
CO2, N2
Outlet Blends
Inlet Pressure Range
Max Inlet Pressure
Outlet Options
Beer Check Gas Blending


Comes with a tubing adaptor for easy checking.

The Beer Check has a rechargeable battery that is not replaceable in the field. Remember to keep it charged.

The operating principles of the Beer Check are such that it will only be accurate when the gases in the mix are the only ones present. For example, if you were to sample the gas from a beer keg the gas would also contain water vapor and alcohol vapor making the results inaccurate.
The screen which is also a touchpad works best when tapped with a fingernail or plastic stylus. The Beer Check will turn itself off when left untouched for 5 minutes. To turn it off manually touch the Main icon and then the Off icon.

The Beer Check cannot be calibrated in the field. It is ideal to keep a known, accurate calibration gas to test the unit from time to time, ensuring the accuracy of your readings.

The Beer Check is affected by altitude, if you will be using it above 4,000 ft, please discuss this with McDantim.
If there is more than one blend, repeat the process for a keg on the other blend.


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