Blend Select Manifold



Inlet Gases
CO2, N2, He, Ar
Outlet Blends
Inlet Pressure Range
Max Inlet Pressure
Outlet Options
Check Valve Ball Valve
1/4" NPT
Blend Select Manifold Gas Blending


Improve the efficiency of your shop with McDantim’s Blend Select Manifold. With up to 7 possible inlets, connect your Trumix® blenders and cylinders to have all the gas you need for your project, plumbed into your system without the need for additional piping. Just open the valve for whatever blend you need and get to work!


Selecting a blend for your shield gas depends on your material and welding process. Having the correct blend for your shielding gas helps increase the penetration of the welds, reduces the number of defects in the welds, and helps block out any of the naturally occurring gases in the atmosphere like Nitrogen and Oxygen.

Common welding materials include mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and cast iron which all can benefit from mixed gas. The most used gases are Carbon Dioxide and Argon, but we’ve also seen mixtures with Helium, Hydron, or Oxygen in small percentages to increase the heat and penetration of the welds. We’ve built thousands of industrial blenders, specifically for welding, with a variety of gases and blends. Our panels can work with any application, whether you are using MIG/MAG, TIG, Arc, or laser.


Blend Select Manifold